birth year :: 1991
pronouns :: He/Him
first language :: English
second languages
(beginner/intermediate) :: Farsi, Spanish
birth place :: the traditional territory of the Haudensaunee (Iroquois),
Ojibway/Chippewa and Anishnabek.
or Teeswater, Ontario, Canada
living :: the traditional territory of the
Snuneymuxw and Snaw-Naw-As First Nations.
or Nanaimo, B.C., Canada
working :: co-founder &
director of Sprillow Limited
GitHub :: Connoropolous :: Connoropolous
YouTube :: ConnorTurland
Hello! Thanks for stopping by and welcome to my corner of the "internet". You can find out a few various things about me here.
I'm a 90's child, and consequently it's indie rock and roll for me . Like all people since J.R.R. Tolkien wrote the book I love Lord of the Rings (the books and the movies, but not The Hobbit movies those were trash!). I also profess to being a software-writing hardware-fiddling geek, and recovering techno-utopian.


Co-designer :: Value: Beyond the Dollar
Co-founder & developer ::
Catalyst :: Collaborative Technology Alliance
Researcher & Facilitator :: Unleash Network


The Dawn of Everything
The Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Stranger in a strange land
An Everyone Culture
Collaborative Intelligence
Change By Design
Cradle To Cradle
Team Human
Sensemaking - Christian Madsberg
The Lean Startup
The Three Body Problem
The Age of Thrivability
The Body Keeps The Score


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Software Dev: Rust / JS / TS
Systems Thinking

Knowledge Integration @ University of Waterloo


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